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Speed-dating can make your whole team more effective at work.

Naturally, it's a special kind of speed dating - using the key words 'needs' and 'get'.

How to speed-date other teams

First, make a list of all the departments you work with or provide information to.

Then create a table to capture your information. You are going to talk to all the departments you overlap with and in each case, you ask ‘what do you need from us that you don’t get?’ and ‘what do you get from us that you don’t need?’.

Speed-dating can improve the way you work with other teams

The answers may surprise you.

I guarantee you will find new ways to improve communication, streamline administrative processes and boost productivity and awareness across the organisation just by having these simple conversations.

It’s called speed-dating for a reason

Time it and make each encounter no more than five minutes for each speaker. That ensures you get to the heart of the matter quickly and don’t waste time.

You can always arrange another date to cover off the detail.

Date your way to success!

About Alana Billingham

Alana Billingham

Alana is Skillset's managing director and has been with the company for more than 20 years.

She takes workshops on a wide range of topics and is at the leading edge in the world in teaching investigative interviewing.

Some of Alana's negotiation clients negotiate multi-million dollar deals. Others just need to sort out arrangements with their suppliers.

Alana has attended a master class on investigative interviewing the UK and keeps in touch with her classmates.


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