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We all have entrenched behaviours. We do what we’ve always done because it gets us something we want.

Understand how they are being rewarded for their behaviour

If you are dealing with difficult people, think about how their behaviour is working for them. There must be a pay-off or they wouldn’t continue with the bad behaviour.

Help them find better behaviours and reward those instead

Once you have found the pay-off stop rewarding the behaviour with it. Direct your difficult person towards more suitable behaviours and reward those instead.

Be consistent and you will be amazed at how fast they can learn to drop their old strategies for new ones, especially when they are being rewarded for it.

About Alana Billingham

Alana Billingham

Alana is Skillset's managing director and has been with the company for more than 20 years.

She takes workshops on a wide range of topics and is at the leading edge in the world in teaching investigative interviewing.

Some of Alana's negotiation clients negotiate multi-million dollar deals. Others just need to sort out arrangements with their suppliers.

Alana has attended a master class on investigative interviewing the UK and keeps in touch with her classmates.


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