engagement hero

You may have been told that if you want to get the best out of your staff one of the things you need to do is encourage them.

How do you do that?

Making vague and shallow comments like, 'keep up the good work' and 'good job, well done' are not specific enough to be useful.

Real encouragement boosts the energy, commitment and focus that people have for their work. To do that you need to use encouragement to fuel their inner resources. So what are those inner resources and how do you do that?

Professor Fred Luthans and his colleagues recommend you focus on four ideas with the acronym HERO:


Help staff members set challenging goals and create workable plans to achieve them. Encourage them by saying, 'I believe you can find the way to get it done'.


Set-up staff members with the opportunity to successfully learn new skills and tasks. Encourage them by saying, "I'm confident you have the ability to do it well'.


Give staff members the freedom to take risks and make mistakes. Encourage them by saying, 'We all experience set-backs, let's see this as an opportunity to learn and make progress'.


Let your staff know that you are expecting positive outcomes. Encourage them by saying, 'If you think it through and stay flexible, I think you'll get there'.

Talking to your staff that way every day will make you an engagement hero.


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