Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Develop your people with the skills of top achievers – including motivation, resilience and persuasion.

Some clients like to call their workshop, 'Thriving at work' or something similar because some people think emotional intelligence sounds a bit tree-huggy.

It may sound soft to you too, but don't be misled. Emotional intelligence makes or breaks careers.

Imagine your whole organisation adopting the thinking and skills of the world's top achievers. 

What makes Skillset's approach different?

  • Real training, not passive seminars
  • Evidence-based, not pop psychology. Our specialist wrote the books (four of them) and has reviewed the research in psychology for international research journals
  • Simple, practical, proven strategies
  • We make it fun and memorable

What could we include?   

(It’s your workshop, so we’ll design it to meet your needs.)

Some suggestions

How to:

  • make choices successful people make every day
  • train yourself to stay motivated and optimistic
  • prevent negative emotions swamping your ability to think or distract you from achieving more
  • use the 'Three Cs of Resilience' to handle challenges
  • make better judgements
  • take your communication skills to a new level
  • use powerful (and honourable) tools of persuasion for your presentations, proposals and recommendations
  • negotiate the way top achievers do
  • motivate other people - at work and at home
  • use the six most effective leadership styles
  • use the three universal motivators for you and the people you lead. (They're simple, effective and cost nothing.)

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