1. How long should we make eye contact so that we don't look shifty and the other person doesn't feel awkward?
A) Half a second B) 1 second C) 3 seconds D) 5 seconds

2. Is a person who is regularly contemptuous of others likely to be more confident than average or less?

3. At what age should we expect children to have learned to take turns?

4. Let's imagine you've made a really bad mistake. It's time to tell the boss. How should you do it? A) Express your shame our guilt B) Keep your emotions out of it.

5. Are most people more productive when they work from home? A) Yes B) No C) Maybe

6. A colleague across the room has just put the phone down and is expressing either intense joy or anguish. From your vantage point, how likely is it you could tell which emotion you are seeing? A) Unlikely B) Quite likely C) Don't be ridiculous

How did you do?

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