1. Which is more accurate? A) Humans are naturally optimistic B) Humans are naturally pessimistic C) It depends on their personality

2. Which is correct? A) Our left brain is for creativity, our right brain is for logic B) Our right brain is for creativity, our left brain for logic C) Neither

3. You’ve heard some swearing around the office and you want to discourage it. How effective would a swear box with a fine of 20 cents for every lapse be? A) It would work as long as everyone agrees it’s a good idea. B) It wouldn’t work, even if everyone agrees.

4. Is it true that left-handed people tend to have a higher IQ and be more artistic?

5. Is it true that our genes influence our creativity, or is creativity something we just learn?

6. Why is it harder to talk when looking into someone’s eyes? (It is for most people.)

7. How important is it to learn using your preferred learning style – such as pictures, words or experience? A) It’s vital. B) It’s useful. C) It’s not at all important.

 How did you do?

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