1. Which is more likely to make you happier for longer? A) Listening to music B) Playing the same music yourself?

2. Is it true that our personalities don’t change throughout our lives?

3. You want your teenager to persevere in science. Stories can help. Which stories would be more effective? A) Scientists who made great contributions to the world B) Scientists who struggled, made mistakes and overcame them

4. Can you identify this person? He was slow to learn to talk, dropped out of school aged 15 and failed his entry exam when he tried to get into his local polytechnic. He eventually went to university, but only just graduated. His first job was in the Swiss patent office.

5. Would most people feel more confident or less after taking a selfie?

6. You want to check out your colleagues’ self-esteem, but don’t want to ask them about it. What else might reveal how they are feeling?

7. Is it true that cynical people make more money?

How did you do?

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