1. Which colour should you paint the office walls to improve your team’s creativity? A) Red B) Pink C) Blue D) Yellow

2. Let’s say you want to cut down on unhealthy foods, but you enjoy a sugary breakfast cereal. How could you use your spoon to break the habit of eating so much each morning?

3. Which would make most people happier on a crowded bus? A) Starting a conversation with someone they don’t know B) Travelling in silence

4. Let’s say you are selling wines. French wines are your slow sellers this week. How could you boost your sales without dropping your prices or spending any money?

5. You are selling your bike on Trade Me. Should you make your minimum bid high or low?

6. What’s the most effective way for a man to attract a woman? A) Be physically attractive B) Be a gentleman C) Have a great sense of humour

7. Which of these candidates has the advantage with recruiters? A) Alan who has blond hair B) Michelle who has an impressive CV C) Damian who is taller than average D) Fiona who has red hair

How did you do?

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