1. Who should you expect to be better at remembering rhyming verse? A)A four year-old  B) A 14 year-old C) A 44 year old?

2. Are more intelligent people happier?

3. What’s the best way to motivate most people? A) Pay them generously B) Give them interesting work to do C) Give them control over their work

4. Let’s say you are upset about your team leader’s decision. What should you do next? A) Tell your colleagues how you feel, because it’s not healthy to bottle up negative thoughts B) Get over it, because dwelling on negative things only makes things worse C) It depends

5. The Chief Executive has asked you to organise a community day. You’ll close the office so that the team can clean up a local beach. Should you make it compulsory? A) Yes, even those who don’t want to come will feel good when the beach is clean  B) No, making it compulsory will encourage bad attitudes  C) Yes, you need everyone there to make it a team-building experience

6. How much could a 60 minute run add to your life? A) Seven hours B) 17 minutes C) So little, it’s not worth counting

7. Who would be more willing to hear information that challenges their views? A) Liberals B) Conservatives C) Neither

How did you do?


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