1. Do most people kiss to the right or left?

2. Are children these days more impulsive than a generation ago?

3. The scores are even in your football match and you are coming to the end of the penalty shoot-outs. The crowd is on edge. So are you of course. Should you aim to the goal-keeper’s right or the left?

4. If your friend reports hearing imaginary voices, is he okay? A) Sure, most of us hear voices like that B) It’s a bit unusual, but he might be okay C) No, he must be sick

5. Is it true that even if you tell people they’re taking a placebo (sugar pill) their health will improve?

6. Let’s say you are about to speak to a large audience. You are starting to sweat, your pulse is up, you feel tension in your stomach. Which strategy would work better? A) Tell yourself you are excited B) Tell yourself to relax and think of a calm scene.

7. Matt Le Blanc (Joey in Friends and presenter for the new Top Gear) once said, ‘The more cynical you become, the better off you’ll be.’ Was he right?

How did you do?

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