1. Which of these is a key to thriving at work? A) Regular promotions B) Work you enjoy C) A salary that seems fair D) Work/life balance E) Avoiding negative thoughts

2. Do people with higher IQ age more slowly?

3. Let’s say you are about to take a kick that will win or lose the game for your team. Which form of self-talk is most likely to boost your confidence ‘You can do it!’ or ‘I can do it!’?

4. Which two of these choices are more likely to make you happier six months from now? A) Buying a newer model car B) Taking an overseas trip C) Donating to a cause you believe in

5. Do we learn better in our preferred learning style?

6. How many people in 100 should you expect to agree with the statement ‘I am more intelligent than the average person’?

How did you do?

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