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World-class soft skills training - designed for your organisation

We are leading trainers in the so-called soft skills. (We don't think there's anything soft about them.)

We're helping New Zealand's large and medium-sized organisations through the Covid-19 shutdown. Some of our topics suit interactive webinars. On this site you'll find almost 200 free blogs with advice from New Zealand's most experienced corporate trainers - valuable reading for you and your team.

Our clients are medium and large organisations throughout New Zealand and beyond.  

Webinars for staff working from home during the pandemic

Webinars are a great way to keep your team learning, engaged, motivated and connected while they're working from home. We can still make it active learning to develop skills that last. (And active learning is so much more fun and memorable.)
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Draw on what researchers and our training specialists have observed about the participants who get the most out of training.
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We're passionate about what we do, and we're happy to share our knowledge about our areas of expertise. Explore our blog for ideas you can use.
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No successful training company can cater for every need - and that includes us. This table will help you decide whether we’re a match for your organisation.

Workshops we've been leading for other large and medium organisations

We'll design your training for you - matching your needs, using your examples and scenarios.

Some topics are suited to webinars for staff working at home during the pandemic lockdown. Let's talk.

How to keep your team motivated and engaged while they work from home.
Engage your team so that they make your customers their priority every day.
Achieve more productivity and retain more staff. Training for teams and their leaders.
Achieve much more from your meetings with new thinking, new habits and new strategies.
Build your confidence as a speaker in meetings or at conferences. This training changes lives.
Transform your writing with Skillset's method. Your team will achieve more clarity in less time.
Develop your people with the skills of top achievers - including motivation, resilience and persuasion.
Enhance your organisation's reputation with confident interviews. No more rabbits in headlights.
Build your confidence that your organisation could cope with a crisis in broadcast or social media.
Give your leaders the skills to build highly motivated, resilient teams.
Get what you need - and preserve your vital relationships with suppliers and colleagues.
Discover what top achievers really do when the going gets rough.
Learn vital techniques to uncover the information you need.
Transform dull presentations into lively workshops that develop real skills and lasting knowledge.
A workshop to make working together more productive - when the lockdown is over

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We'll design the training to match your needs and priorities. Talk with one of our specialist trainers about what you want to achieve.
(There will be no pressure, that's not our style.)

All our training is designed for clients. (We don't offer generic public workshops.)

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