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So, you’re doing what you can to encourage your staff to be more engaged at work. Could you have overlooked something?

When I ask managers what they are doing they often mention things like providing clear goals, incentives, resources, recognition and respecting their staff. Obviously some of these things (but not all) are worth doing.

However, there is something else that can make a big difference and many managers and team leaders overlook it.

Create a sense of progress

People have a core need for a sense of progress - to believe that we are actually achieving something in our work. Research has shown that a sense of progress is a significant motivator.

So how do you put recognising progress into practice?

It can be as simple as changing the way you see your role as manager. First, you do these necessary things:

  • Provide clear meaningful goals
  • Make sure you provide the resources the staff need to do their work
  • Remove distractions and obstacles
  • Offer encouragement and recognition

But wait there's more...

To be engaged in their work your staff also need:

  • A sense of where your organisation is coming from and where it is headed
  • The ability to share their ideas and feel that they are listened to
  • To see the values in action at all levels of the organisation

Here's the really important bit...

Be the 'progress champion'

Look for opportunities to promote, recognise and acknowledge progress every day.

By celebrating the progress they are making, everyone will have more energy and motivation to focus on what they need to do next.


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About Roydon Gibbs

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Roydon Gibbs is a Senior Trainer at Skillset.

Roydon specialises in engagement - how to ensure that your staff enjoy coming to work, are at their most productive, speak well of your organisation after hours - and stay.

He has been training for more than 15 years. His knowledge of engagement comes from the research and his experience working with a wide range of organisations.

Roydon holds qualifications in adult teaching and learning. He is a professional member of the New Zealand Association for Training and Development and an accredited member of the National Speakers' Association.

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